World Burn Bright (2022)

The conclusion to the "World" trilogy featuring "The Inner Burning", "Little Kings", "The Squawk", "My Life Will Be Mine", and "At the End of the World".

Jackson Crash 
(Original Cast Album) 2021

Jackson Crash is the queer, musical, truck-driving, youth advocate you didn't know you needed in your life.  Hear his epic story through music here.  All the songs from Jonathan Riedel's New One-Man Post-Punk Musical are featured on this album.  They are classic and new versions of music from World Run Red, World Burned Black, and World Burn Bright.

Produced by Riedel Dance Theater.  For more information visit:

World Burned Black 2020

The follow up to 2018's World Run Red featuring "Ejector Seat", "My Throne",  "The Night The Plane Went Down" and "Pull The Pin". 

World Run Red: A Goth Rock Techno Pop Odyssey


The searing debut album featuring "When The City Is Ours", "Amethyst", "The Creeper Man (Nobody, Nobody)", and "The Day I Blacked Out All My Dreams".


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